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Cloud Solutions

As qualified cloud specialists AMEA is able to seamlessly
migrate your current services from traditional on-site servers to the cloud.

Cloud Based Solutions Explained

A cloud based solution refers to computer networks, storage, on-demand services, applications or resources that are accessed via the internet through another provider’s shared cloud computing infrastructure.

Cloud bases solutions have many benefits for its end users including increased capacity, functionality, scalability and reduced maintenance costs. These types of solutions are also able to allow companies to focus on their businesses and revenue rather than other time-consuming, non-core business tasks that are normally involved with IT.

Most cloud-based computing pricing models are categorised by servers in the cloud, applications in the cloud and storage in the cloud. Many of these providers offer you a pay as you go subscription-based model. This gives a business the ability to manage costs and scale up and down as needed.


How Do Cloud Computing Solutions Work?

A business can make the decision to not own their own computing infrastructure or data centers and are able to rent access to anything from applications to storage from a cloud service provider.

The benefit of this is the fact that businesses can avoid all the upfront costs associated with owning and maintaining their own IT infrastructure. In fact the business simply needs to pay for what they use, when they use it.

This has a two-fold effect as cloud computing services can significantly benefit from the economy by delivering the same service to a wide range of customers.


Examples of Cloud Computing

Cloud computing connects a vast number of services. These services can include:


How Cloud Computing Got Its Name

One of the most fundamental concepts behind cloud computing is that details such as location, hardware and operating systems that are running are irrelevant for the end user.

The word cloud was derived from an old telecoms network schematic in which the public telephone network evolved into the internet and was often represented as a cloud to describe something that didn’t really matter and wasn’t seen.

This is not true for all cloud users though as for many of them location of their services and data remain a very important aspect when it comes to choosing a cloud service provider.

The Benefits of Cloud Computing

Businesses that use cloud services do not have to buy or maintain their own computing infrastructure.

There is no need to buy servers, update applications and operating systems or decommission and dispose of hardware or software that is out of date. This is all taken care of by your cloud service provider.

Applications such as email are much better managed when switched to a cloud provider and there is no need for a business to rely on the skills of in-house employees.

Cloud service providers specialise solely in the running and securing of these services and make use of extremely professional and skilled staff members so as to deliver more secure and efficient services to their end-users.

Cloud services gives your business the ability to move faster on projects and test concepts without having to procure any huge upfront costs.


Businesses only pay for the resources that they use, and the agility of the business is often used as a key benefit in most offerings from cloud-based service providers.

Time and effort that was often associated with traditional IT procurement is eliminated as businesses are now able to get going with applications faster.

If a new application arises and is more popular that the previous one a business is able to scale up accordingly.

Moving to cloud hosted applications has the potential to remove any extra burden on internal IT staff.

It makes financial sense for a business to move to a cloud-based service provider if they have applications that are only used at certain times of the week or month.


To Conclude

Cloud computing services are now able to cover a vast range of services. These options range from the basics of storage, processing power, standard office applications and networking to natural language processing and even artificial intelligence.

In short, any service that does not require you to be close to the computer hardware that you are using can now easily be delivered via the cloud.

As qualified cloud specialists AMEA is able to seamlessly migrate your current services from traditional on-site servers to the cloud.


We create fully connected systems and will set up your whole IT infrastructure and maintain it so as to allow your business to run smoothly at all times. Trust us to do what we do best so that you can focus on your business and not have to worry about any technology issues.