Remote and Onsite Desktop Support

Remote Desktop Support Services is an extremely important component of efficient application service management.

This service is mainly used to resolve issues such as troubleshooting errors, operating system support, upgrades, patch support, installation or other application support and antivirus support.

Why Companies Choose Desktop Support Services

Many companies, both big or small, depend on computers and the internet to maintain the operation of their business. Managing technology, however, can be extremely overwhelming and confusing and various technical issues and online threats can hamper the day to day operation of your business.
It is for precisely this reason that you should turn to IT professionals to help you handle all of your business’s desktop support needs.
Desktop support services have specialists that are trained professionals and are able to offer your business IT support for their operating systems as well as updates, troubleshooting and desktop computer maintenance.
These specialists are able to provide you with various proactive solutions to secure and manage your company’s desktop computers. Desktop support specialists are there to ensure that a company’s computer systems are working at their highest possible performance.

How Desktop Support Engineers Can Help You?

Essentially, a desktop support specialist is an information technology (IT) professional. These specialists are able to maintain computer hardware and software systems and are often responsible for installing new programs, managing updates and providing technical support to businesses. Diagnosis and resolution of technical issues with hardware and software systems also forms a part of their job description.
A desktop support engineer makes the user or business comfortable to carry on with their own responsibilities while their computer technical problems are being solved. This is achieved by the desktop support engineer seeing to it that all systems are up to date with patches and security fixes and by helping end-users to be able to do their job more efficiently.

A desktop support engineer is also able to manage the computers and laptops for an organization and may work as a member of the IT team for a business or as an employee of a technical support company that services multiple clients.
Many desktop support engineers are also able to assist with computer system security issues and fix problems with network servers. These specialists are flexible, willing to work long hours and have the ability to manage several different roles as needed by their clients.

The Benefits of Remote Desktop Support

Remote Desktop Reduces Downtime

When hardware, software or any other kind of technical issue arises in your business, your dedicated desktop support team will be able to fix it as soon as possible. The lack of travel time also helps the process to move quickly and easily and get you back up and running in no time. Remote desktop support teams are available at the drop of a hat and are always available to help their clients with any technical difficulties that may arise.

Fast Service Delivery

Remote desktop support providers support fast service delivery due to the fact that it removes so many barriers that are often associated with visiting each client’s office to render their services. With remote support, a business has the ability to be up and running quickly after having an IT issue resolved.

Remote Desktop Support Costs Less

Businesses have learnt that instead of having employees or contractors to pay wages to they can now simply contact their loyal remote desktop support specialist. This means less down time and better overall service.

Why Choose AMEA

At AMEA we provide you with computer experts that are able to offer technical support to users who are experiencing any kind of problem with their devices.
We firmly believe that IT Support is a simple answer for medium to large businesses that are not able to afford onsite technical support.
At AMEA we are able to solve both hardware and software problems as well as diagnose and resolve network connectivity problems and help customers with product updates. AMEA is the answer to your IT needs especially when it comes to remote desktop support services.
Our dedicated team is experienced in all IT issues and user environments. Let us identify issues and solve problems while you focus on your own work deadlines.
AMEA Support is managed as an Hourly Service per session request. If a support request is longer than an hour, then an onsite request may be required to help resolve the problem.

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