What Are Managed IT Services?

A managed IT service provider is an information-based technology service provider that manages and takes up the responsibility of providing a set of services to its clients.
Maintaining the health of your business IT structure is critical and is often one of the largest budget items within your business. It is vital that your IT infrastructure is professionally looked after and protected.
Many businesses choose to outsource the management of their IT and find it to be the best solution to achieve maximum results. It also gives them the ability to have access to a team of skilled technicians for any IT related problems that may arise.

What Managed IT Services Can Do for You?

Managed IT services can significantly save your business on costs with the added benefit of services that are exclusively dedicated to managing and ensuring the safety of your IT infrastructure.
All of your technological resources can be available at all times so as to curb the loss of productivity that is often caused by IT-related downtime. An additional benefit of managed IT services is their ability to provide you with additional policies and procedures so as to ensure compliance within your company.
All in all, these services are used to keep your IT infrastructure efficient and reliable.

The Benefits of Managed IT Services and Support

Types of Managed IT Services

It is very important to understand the types of providers and services that are available to your business. Not all providers are able to offer the same services and it is vital to choose the services that best suits your businesses individual needs.
One provider may include a wide range of services, while another provider may only provide a few of the services that you require. Some providers may only specialize in just one service. It is good to research a few providers to see what they are able to offer your business.

Managed Networks and Infrastructure

Managed Security

This type of service normally takes on the entirety of all your network related tasks. This can include the establishment of LAN, WAPs, and various other connections within your business. They also have the capability of managing your backup and storage options.
This is an all-in-one service that is offered for remote security infrastructure. It is able to cover everything from BDR solutions to anti-malware options and can keep them updated at all times.

Managed Support Services

Managed Cloud Infrastructure

This is a very common option amongst IT managed providers and normally covers all services related to IT assistance. This can range from troubleshooting to dealing with other advanced issues.
This is a more in-depth classifications of services and includes cloud infrastructure management handles computing, storage, network, and IT. Some of these providers are able to offer other services such as virtualization services for apps, software and operating systems.

Managed Print Services

Managed Wireless and Mobile Computing

This type of managed IT service allows a provider to remotely assist with any data or file infrastructure and is widely used in organizations that require a complex variety of file management needs.
This type of services offers managed wireless and mobile computing to implement wireless connections. This is an extremely useful service for businesses who are not able to invest in setting up their own IT department. Businesses can also utilize these services for internal networks.

Managed Software as a Service

Managed Communication Services

This type of service provider offers a software platform and is normally subscription based. Some examples of this include Office 365, universal communication software, and anti-virus software.
A range of communication infrastructure if offered with this service. Messaging software, voice over internet protocol, data, and video are all included in these services. Sometimes these services can operate as a third-party service center as well.

Data Analytics

If your business is looking for monitoring services for data management than data analytics is the perfect choice. These services can encompasses business intelligence so as to target specific trends, create roadmaps and increase overall business performance.

What to Look for in A Managed IT Service Provider

When looking for a managed IT service provider it is imperative to know what criteria you need to best serve your business.



If you have chosen a good provider, they will be able to provide you with the support that you need well within a 24-hour timeframe. The faster they are, the better life becomes for you and your business.
Your service provider should be aware that they are handling a lot of different information and must have excellent security measures in place as well as good responses to combat any kind of data loss.

Backup Recovery Options


Downtime is often inevitable. Your managed IT service provider should give you the comfort in knowing that all of your information is safe during a crisis.
Every business has various needs and a trustworthy provider will often offer many flexible priding models to suit your needs.


Various Options

You should be able to have access to all of your information from any secure point at any time.
Choose a provider that offers a range of services and can meet the multiple needs of your business all from one place.
IT support is an essential function in any business and even the smallest of networks require some level of IT support. Managed IT services can provide a multitude of offerings to your business to give it what it needs so that you do not have to acquire additional staff and capital.
It is well worth the effort to research and find the best managed IT support provider for your business. There are many expansive and flexible offerings available. Once you have found the right provider the possibilities can be endless!
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